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Choose The Best Shingle For Your Roof

Knowing what shingles are best for your roof is important, but it can seem overwhelming given the options available. We offer three types of roofing shingles: 3-tab, architectural, and designer shingles. Which one is best for your specific application depends on a number of qualities desired in a shingle. Among these factors are cost effectiveness, color, texture, durability, wind resistance, energy efficiency, and overall value. This page should be useful in guiding the prospective buyer by providing the necessary information needed to make an informed decision on which shingle to choose.

3-Tab Shingles

The most affordable option, 3-tab asphalt shingles are the traditional roofing shingle. They are warrantied anywhere from 20 to 30 years, depending on the particular product brand chosen for your project. There are plenty of options available in regards to both color and energy ratings. This traditional shingle type has been a staple of roofing for quite some time and 3-tab roofing shingles continue to be the most popular even today, remaining a solid economical investment. Overall, 3-tab shingles are a tried-and-true design which offer a low cost and simple solution for home owners’ roofing needs.

Architectural Shingles

Over the decades, more durable shingles have been designed that have an even more impressive appearance than traditional shingles. Architectural roofing shingles exhibit more dimension than basic shingles and are made to simulate textures such as slate or cedar wood shakes. These shingles are also thicker and heavier, adding to the durability and bearing a higher resistance to wind tear-off. The architectural shingle also has better protection against the dark streaking often seen on many roofs in regions with high humidity levels. Warranties for architectural roofing shingles range from 50 years to lifetime depending on the specific product selected. Architectural shingles are available in a variety of styles, textures, and colors. Architectural shingles are an excellent choice for those seeking an enhanced appearance and greater durability at minimal cost for their roofs.

Designer Shingles

The most visually pleasing, designer roofing shingles offer lifetime warranties, making them a solid investment for anyone seriously seeking a long-term solution to protecting their roof. Like architectural shingles, designer shingles offer enhanced textured effects with an assortment of styles. The colors in the shingle are beautifully blended and matched to ensure the best look possible, and there are a variety of colors schemes from which you can choose. The wind tear-off resistance of designer shingles is higher than that of the traditional 3-tab or architectural. Designer shingles offer excellent protection from severe weather and also help to insulate the underlying building. Overall, designer shingles have visually stunning results with complementary enduring quality.

As you can see, there is no lack of options in terms of cost, durability, and looks. It is also worth noting that the thicker architectural and designer roofing shingles offer increased insulation to the structure underneath the roof and increase overall energy efficiency as a result. Certain designer shingles meet ENERGY STAR® requirements giving you a new level of energy efficiency. We hope you have enjoyed learning the basic details and differences of each shingle type. For even more information on choosing the best and most effective solution for your roofing needs contact Triple P Roofing today!
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