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Choosing The Best Ventilation For Your Roof

Ventilation is an important part of your roof. Not only does proper ventilation help to protect your roof from wear and tear, but it can also help you move heat and moisture out and away from your home. There are a number of different roofing ventilation systems from which to choose. The design of your roof will determine which is best for you.

What is Roof Venting?

Roof venting is a structure that allows the roof to maintain ideal conditions, which can extend its longevity and effectiveness for a building structure. There are two basic categories of ventilation – intake vents and exhaust vents. Both are very important.

Intake Vents

Soffit vents are the primary intake vents. They are essential to properly ventilating your attic. You should have soffit vents around the entire perimeter of your home. Be careful that you don’t allow something to block the air flow from the soffit vents, usually insulation. A good rule of thumb to use, is go into your attic during the daytime and look for daylight coming through each soffit vent.

Exhaust Vents

There are several different kinds of exhaust vents. The design of your roof must be taken into consideration when choosing the proper type of exhaust vent for your roof.

Other Things You Need to Know

Many homeowners believe installing more than one ventilation system on a roof will help to protect their valuable roof investment. While this could be effective on some roofs, you need to be careful that your exhaust vent does not become an intake vent. You should never use a powered vent on the same slope as ridge vent. The powered vent could pull air through the ridge vent with the possibility of bringing moisture into the roof instead of removing it. When you have limited ridge on your roof, you probably should use wind turbines or power vents.

Choosing a vent system is something homeowners need to discuss with a roofing contractor, experienced in installation and consultation. Together, you can determine the best possible method to protect your roof for the long-term.

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